Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I don't drink tea...

Teacup paper collage

I don't drink tea but I love a teacup! My favourite teacup is this pink one, below, that I found in an antique shop. There were three others in the shop, a pale yellow, pale mint green and a light blue. All georgous colours but they were a little expensive so I just got the one. I was at the height of my pink obsession back then. I have always loved pink but have since branched out with various other colour obsessions having had two boys! How I wish I bought all of them now. It would be so sweet to serve tea in these with a little biscuit on the side at an afternoon tea. Oh well. I'm always inspired by teacup designs and actual teacups. Here's a few that have inspired me.

teacup design from Spoonflower found on pinterest

teacup candles from pinterest

teacup cushion from pinterest

beautiful teacups from pinterest
Beautiful paper teacup by Cecelia Levy from pinterest

A couple of teacup embroidered pieces I created
Embroidered teacup magnet

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