Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Sailing away

This is a new cushion in a series of applique cushion's I've been working on. This one has been made specifically for a facebook showcase hosted by Milky and Me called Polka Dots and Chevron Stripes. The showcase is a mini online market with lots of handmade items. It runs from the 5th Feb to the 7th. You are able to put in 3 items so I'll also put in 2 others featuring spots! The perfect showcase for me as I love spots and dots!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Green Bunny for a friend

I have been very busy lately doing nothing much! (Although we just got back from a weeks holiday in Sydney) Before that I had been out and about every day with the family as we are all on holiday. The weather has been rather up and down but more up with temps close to 40 degrees.... too hot. On those days I've been fitting in a bit of sewing. Made this cute little bunny from my fabric donation stash that I was given before Christmas. These aren't my design but a free pattern that I got from pinterest. I finally made one of those millions of things you pin labelled "to make/crafty ideas/ diy"!!! I always thought it was cute and then when I finally got around to looking it up, realised it was a design from one of my favourite softie makers Sleepy King. She has a shop on Etsy and her toys are so cute. I changed the eyes from her design to my sleepy eyes as I didn't have any safety eyes that you attach. I have plans to give the this one to a friend of mine who loves green...

Monday, 21 January 2013


I made it to 100 "likes" on my Dewberry Workshop facebook page the other day!! That's big for me! I aimed to get to 100 some time in 2013 even if it took all year... it happened in the first few days. I'll have to think bigger!! I actually got a helping hand from a lovely lady Isabel of Lamb and Wolfie who is also on Etsy and has a facebook page. She gave me a shout out to her friends and I got about 65 new likes in one day!! When I opened my emails and saw so many messages from facebook about new likes I knew something had happened! So a big thanks to Isabel, so lovely of her to help me out.

Friday, 18 January 2013

A little Etsy Shop opened

Happy New Year!  I've finally made it back! I've been busy with a lot happening. I have opened an Etsy Shop this year! I had decided that in 2013 I would open a shop on Etsy and as the weather has been rather hot lately I opened it on Jan 2nd. I'm so onto my resolutions for this year... it's probably the only one that will be done so promptly and not so much a resolution as an aim for 2013. (don't really make resolutions actually!!) Anyway it will be an on going aim throughout the year. It's very similar to my Made it shop, with a few new items starting out there, but I'll have a worldwide audience. It's a bit exciting!!

Here's a new pink Sleepy Bird I made last week for the Etsy shop, I'm a bit back into pink lately.