Friday, 18 January 2013

A little Etsy Shop opened

Happy New Year!  I've finally made it back! I've been busy with a lot happening. I have opened an Etsy Shop this year! I had decided that in 2013 I would open a shop on Etsy and as the weather has been rather hot lately I opened it on Jan 2nd. I'm so onto my resolutions for this year... it's probably the only one that will be done so promptly and not so much a resolution as an aim for 2013. (don't really make resolutions actually!!) Anyway it will be an on going aim throughout the year. It's very similar to my Made it shop, with a few new items starting out there, but I'll have a worldwide audience. It's a bit exciting!!

Here's a new pink Sleepy Bird I made last week for the Etsy shop, I'm a bit back into pink lately.

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