Wednesday, 27 February 2013


 My new little zip purses. Perfect for all those little things that go in your bag... phone, makeup, kids pencils and paper. This raindrop fabric is my newest favourite fabric!  It's from Anthology fabric and the line is called Raining Rainbows. These purses were made for a showcase I'm in in March with the title/theme of Autumn Leaves. So being from Melbourne I have gone with a rainy raindrops Autumn theme  for my pieces! My other pieces, a cushion and a bird soft toy, use different raindrops fabric.... I'm very into raindrops at the moment!
 I've got lots of ideas on different fabric combinations for these purses so there will be more! They are available in my Etsy shop and Made it shop.

Monday, 18 February 2013

Friday and Saturday's Bunnies... all done

Here are the last two bunnies from Friday and Saturday, I've moved into the reds now. So that's my bunny a day, for almost a week, done! It's hard to actually get something done and completed every day with the many other things going on with kids. I usually just fit in some sewing, designing, playing with fabric whenever I can but trying to finish it was challenging. These bunnies are now available to buy in my Made it store here and my Etsy store here. My kids are going to be getting some of these for Easter!

 All of the bunnies together. I love all of the fabrics, although they weren't all chosen to go together, they do blend well! My favourites are probably the first two.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Wednesday's Bunny.... just a little late!

 Today's bunny is a peachy pink and cream stripey one that blends in with the others. Oops forgot to post it on Wednesday! So now there are two today!!

Thursday's Bunny

Today's bunny... I think it's my favourite so far! I love the slight touch of pink in this fabric, just

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A bunny a day

I've been making some bunnies for gifts for Easter out of some lovely fabrics that I recently purchased. I was going to the fabric shop to get more of just one specific fabric and happened to buy just a few more bits of fabric. I knew I was going to make some bunnies so I had the idea there and certain fabrics just jumped out at me as to how I imagined them!!! So I ended up getting 6 different fabrics and thought I'd make a bunny a day until they are all made, that way they will all get made!
Here are the first two, one for Monday and one for today!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Houses and Market stalls

 Another cushion! This one has features this little houses and market stalls fabric. It's so cute, not my usual choice of spots or stripes but it appealed to me. Also pink has been making a bit of a comeback lately in my choice of fabrics! This cushion has a quilted front. Whilst I love making quilts, mixing and matching fabrics, I find the large size difficult to work with so I decided to make this cushion front quilted. It was so much easier to work on this size. I have previously made a red quilt as you go cushion and loved it so much it ended up in my son's room...... this one however will be for sale as it's far too girly for a boys room!