Monday, 30 July 2012

More Yellow

It seems I like yellow. It's not a colour I would ever wear, it just wouldn't suit my colouring (read pasty) but lately I have been making lots of soft toys with beautiful yellow and mustard fabrics. I bought a print of chairs for my wall, that has a yellow background and I have made a couple of cushions for the couch that are yellow. And then there was that yellow party theme I had for the boys.
We'll see how long this new found love of yellow lasts but for now I'm loving it!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Elephant Stack

The latest creation that I have actually finished is this blue stack of elephants in descending sizes. That spot obsession of mine is somewhat evident here in the choice of fabrics! I've been making a few elephants in various colours and sizes, many of them not quite finished! But I thought it would be sweet to have a group of them in descending sizes. I loved mixing and matching the fabrics.
Many of the fabrics I had been choosing to make animals and softies seemed to lean towards more girly colours, so I went with a definite boy theme here. It's not often I choose blues in my work!
I'm working towards opening a shop on the made it site so these will be for sale soon when I get it up and running. It takes a bit of work!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I don't drink tea...

Teacup paper collage

I don't drink tea but I love a teacup! My favourite teacup is this pink one, below, that I found in an antique shop. There were three others in the shop, a pale yellow, pale mint green and a light blue. All georgous colours but they were a little expensive so I just got the one. I was at the height of my pink obsession back then. I have always loved pink but have since branched out with various other colour obsessions having had two boys! How I wish I bought all of them now. It would be so sweet to serve tea in these with a little biscuit on the side at an afternoon tea. Oh well. I'm always inspired by teacup designs and actual teacups. Here's a few that have inspired me.

teacup design from Spoonflower found on pinterest

teacup candles from pinterest

teacup cushion from pinterest

beautiful teacups from pinterest
Beautiful paper teacup by Cecelia Levy from pinterest

A couple of teacup embroidered pieces I created
Embroidered teacup magnet

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Outdoor Blackboard

My husband made the kids an outdoor chalkboard, for their birthdays, that he attached to the house. We have an easel chalkboard but have to bring it in when the weather is bad as our deck isn’t under cover. This one is hopefully weatherproof and the kids can use it whenever they want….  it was a big hit!

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Theme Yellow

My sons had their joint birthday party on the weekend (birthday’s 3 weeks apart/same guests!) It’s probably the only year I may get away with a joint venture with a 4 year old and 2 year old.
 The theme of the birthday was yellow and hot air balloons. Yellow lolly bags, yellow hot air balloon cakes, one each, yellow napkins, yellow fluffy streamer decorations and yellow paper pom poms. Actually, that’s as far as the party theme went, even if it looks a little over themed! The kids had birthday cake , pass the parcel and then ran around outside. Really, it was a get together for our family and friends with a bit of food…. The pass the parcel was the only game. I got it from TMOD at a Fed square market and it had various beautiful party hats in it. It was so cute I just had to get it!

I just like to have a party theme even if it only relates to one or two things and there's not much else going on!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sleepy Bear creatures

So the buses haven’t happened with the new fabric as yet but these little sleepy bear creatures did! It’s always the way, I plan on one idea but new ideas pop up along the way and take over. I couldn’t count the amount of projects I’m in the middle of!  I have a few more birthdays coming up for some little friends, so don’t tell anyone but they may get these!  I think I’m heading towards getting a shop front going on the made it site. So then I can sell creatures like these and other things I’m making.  It’s good to be back online getting crafty inspiration and actually making things after a very busy June and July (7 family birthdays in June and 3 in July)

Friday, 6 July 2012

New fabric

I had a moment totally free of kids the other day so I went to one of my favourite fabric stores just to browse.... I love looking at all of the beautiful fabrics... but you can never just browse! Something always jumps out at me and I just have to buy a new fabric or six!! These aren't my usual colours (well red isn't unusual) but the grey and mustard fabrics are a bit new in my inspiration. I think when looking at the fabric it inspires what I'm going to make. I've been looking at some great images of buses lately and when I saw the red spot fabric it made me think of a soft toy bus!! I'll see how that goes...

From the book  "Henri's walk to paris" by Saul Bass
Debbie Powell for Lagom

Stacking Buses - Hand pulled, limited edition, screen print, biroRobot

*All images found on pinterest here on my "Things for my Wall" board