Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sleepy Teddy

 The boys wanted a sleepy teddy as I was making a few for my made it shop. They love a teddy for a while then it's thrown on the ground and left only to be rediscovered at a later date and cared for again.... are girls the same with their dolls and teddies?!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Etsy finds

CecilClyde via Etsy

I've been browsing on etsy again and came across these great pillows. The colours are so vibrant and the piping on the edge adds a nice finish! They would look so sweet on a little girl's bed. Virtual decoration! 

CecilClyde via Etsy

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Made it finds

Organic, Natural wooden Car toy
These little handmade cars and trucks are so cute. They remind me of something my Pop would have made. They are made by the Organic Toy co that I found on the made it site. I love toys that encourage imaginative and creative play and my boys love cars, trucks, trains and anything with an engine! 

Organic, Natural wooden Car/Ute/Truck toy

Friday, 17 August 2012

Made it !

After about three years of aiming to sell the things I make online, I finally got organised and did it! I have a shop/store on the MADE IT handmade site. You can visit here  or you can link with the image on the right side of my blog. I'm selling some softies like these pictures and more. Now i just need more time to get creative and make things! 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Finished at last!

The red quilt is finally finished after 12 years ! It’s interesting that the fabric you choose 12 years ago isn’t what you’d choose today. So buying the edging strip, backing and binding was a bit difficult as it had to somewhat match the original quilt top fabrics. Anyway I got these recently and launched into the quilting and binding. I’m happy enough with the front of the quilt, particularly the binding but let’s just never look at the back!! I’m definitely not a quilter or for that matter a binder but I got great tips from this old post on Red Pepper Quilts on machine sewing the binding on.

So my first quilt is done and I've realised I’m not really a quilter. I love choosing the fabric and could spend hours doing this, mixing and matching beautiful colours and patterns. Sewing together the fabric is fine but the actual quilting is bulky, for me, and difficult on a domestic sewing machine. I’m much more used to my tiny animals and softies, cushions and clothing back in the early days.  
Lucky I sent my son’s single bed quilt top off to my mother in law’s quilting group to be quilted!! (Done beautifully) It's almost finished but I will hand sew the binding on. It's only taken 2 years to make! I have plans for a third quilt for my other son’s room but it too may be sent away to be quilted then I think I’m retiring my quilt making skills!